Who We are

The Tanzania National Health Research Forum (TANHER Forum) is a corporate body of partner Institutions involved in health research and their representatives in Tanzania.


The Tanzania National Health Research Forum (TANHER Forum) was established in 1999 as an inclusive body of partner institutions endowed with strengths representing in country centres of excellence in health research and academics. TANHER Forum ensures that each partner has an opportunity to play clearly defined role, is considered an asset and share in the ownership of the mechanisms for sustaining this body. It is a non- political, non-religious, voluntary body dealing only with issues of health research and development in the country.

Current Executive Committee From 2011

  1. Dr. Godwin Ndossi – Chairman
  2. Dr. Mwelecele N. Malecela – Vice Chairperson
  3. Dr. Adiel Mushi – Executive Secretary
  4. Dr. Rose Kingamkono – Chairperson Ethics Committee
  5. Dr. Julius Massaga – Chairperson Coordinating Committee

Functional Committees

The Forum has ethics and coordinating committees.

Ethics Committee

  • Dr. Rose Kingamkono COSTECH – Chairperson
  • Prof. S. Kajuna HKMU – Member
  • Prof. M. Moshi MUHAS – Member

 Broad Function

  • To enhance awareness on and implementation of the existing National and International ethical guidelines and the role of Researchers in protecting the rights of human research participants.


  • To develop strategies and ensuring that all health researchers adhere to human rights
  • To establish, maintain and revise ethical guidelines for all National Health Research in Tanzania
  • To discuss and produce recommendations on ethical issues for health research in Tanzania
  • To document and disseminate information on the rights of communities and individuals as regards to health/medical research.
  • Organize ethics training Ethics Training Courses in collaboration with NathREC for various stakeholders in the country

Coordinating Committee

  • Dr. Julius Massaga NIMR – Chairperson
  • Dr. Kafuruki Shubis Member
  • Dr. Ndekya Oriyo Member


  • To coordinate and collaborate National Health Research and develop guidelines for Institutional partner ship
  • To promote and facilitate utilization of National guidelines to ensure high quality health Research in Tanzania
  • To compile National inventory of health research institution in Tanzania.

TANHER Forum Secretariat

  1. Dr. Adiel Mushi – Executive Sectetary
  2. Ms. Rahelis Z Msuya – Administrator
  3. Ms. Theckla Mutemi – Accountant
  4. Mr. Obedi Ole Kaondo – Financial Adviser

The Genesis of TANHER Forum

The Genesis of the TANHER Forum may be traced back to:

  1. 1985, the Health System Research Unit was established in the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare (MoH&SW) with the support of the World Health Organization (WHO).
  2. 1991,  the  ENHR  was  developed,  and  was  supported  by  the  Ministry  of Ministry of Health and Social Welfare, NIMR and Council on Health Research for Development (COHRED).
  3. 1991, the Health Research User’s Trust Fund (HRUTF) was established under the support of MoH &SW, NIMR and Swiss Agency for Development Cooperation (SDC). 1998;
    • Ghana held ENHR Conference under the support of COHRED and TANHER Forum was first proposed as a mechanism for ENHR.
    • Proposal for National Health Research Forum was approved by NIMR Council;
    • ENHR Strategy Workshop was held and an interim NHRF Chairman was appointed.
  4. 1991, ENHR Priority Setting Workshop was held using the Three Pronged Approach.  It was during the workshop that elections for the NHRF Chairman, Secretary and the Secretariat were made;
  5. TANHER Forum was launched officially by the Minister for Health on 26th February, 1999;
  6. The TANHER Forum Secretary became the Council Member of the Global Forum for Health Research in March, 1999; Rockefeller award
  7. TANHER Forum held its First Annual Meeting on September 2000
  8.  TANHER Forum launched its Rolling Strategic Plan for the period 2008 to 2012
  9. 2009 Development of 2nd  Edition of Guideline of Ethics for Health Research in Tanzania.