What We Do

The functions of TANHER Forum are based on the Essential National Health Research Strategy (ENHR), which ensures that evidence based information is utilized correctly in the policy and decision making process, enhancing the provision of better and equitable health to the population. It is a consultative and advisory body to policy and decision makers as regards to health research coordination, undertaking collaboration, dissemination of health research and enhancing the utilization of research results for policy and decision making.

Broadly, TANHER Forum strives to enhance awareness of the existing national and international ethical guidelines, the role of researchers in protecting the rights of human research participants and harmonization of guidelines for the conduct of health research in Tanzania. It also provides checks and balances in the processes and outputs of research monitoring bodies like Medical Research Coordinating Council MRCC/NIMR; functions towards ensuring the development and maintenance of health research priorities in Tanzania and funds are made available for financing of such health research priorities.

The Forum is therefore an independent body, which supports NIMR in its role in health research coordination and ethics review without actually taking these functions away from NIMR.  Its functions are with respect to defining policies and guidelines for the conduct of health research and making it possible that all stakeholders actively participate in the formulation of such guidelines.

In addition, the Forum works to enhance the translation of health research results into action. The approach is to set strategies for enhancing the utilization of such results by policy and decision makers, and stimulate the application of such strategies.  In this regard, the Forum acts as a catalyst for the reaction of all stakeholders in this process, ensuring participation and ownership of the processes by the stakeholders themselves.  The Forum is therefore an essential organ for strengthening the conduct of health research in Tanzania, and as a stimulant for development of research capacities.

Mode of operation

Depending on the mandate, each partner institution is a vehicle for passing on the Forum recommendations to policy and decision makers for policy and decision making.  It is the aim of the Forum to develop better strategies for research coordination, ensuring the maintenance of quality research and setting priorities for national research activities.